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Terms & Conditions

Important:          Our fees are increasing on 1 April 2020. 


New fees will be:


Termly:     R1260


Instalment:    R420 x 3 payments



1. General

1.1 All learners must submit an enrolment form which forms part of the contract between Advanced Technologies Institute trading as CodeABot and the learner, his/her parent(s), guardian(s), or sponsor(s)

1.2 By submitting an enrolment form learners, his/her parent(s), guardian(s), or sponsor(s) agree to abide by the code of conduct w.r.t respect for peers, facilitators and equipment.

1.3 By submitting an enrolment form learners, his/her parent(s), guardian(s), or sponsor(s) agree to the privacy policy.

1.4 We require an 80% attendance record to promote learners to the next level of courses.

1.5 Our courses run for the same length as a school term. INCLUDING public and school holidays

1.6. The course fee guarantees 9 weeks of class. If a school term runs longer you get the additional week/s for free. We cover up to 11 weeks.

1.7. A deposit of R420 must be paid 48 hours after receiving your invoive or your booking will be removed.


2. Fees

2.1 By submitting an enrolment form parent(s), guardian(s), or sponsor(s) commit to pay for the full course as selected on the enrolment form.

2.2  Parents, guardians or sponsors are liable for the full course fees unless they request a cancellation from enrolment, in writing, 1 week prior to the start of the course. IF YOU BOOK AND DECIDE TO TO NOT DO THE CLASS, YOU WILL BE LIABLE FOR A R420 TERMINATION FEE.

2.3  The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances whatsoever, unless the programme is cancelled by CodeABot.  

2.4 The fee is payable upfront and must be paid into the Advanced Technologies Institute Business Account as stipulated on the invoice. 

2.5 Learner’s full name and surnames must be used as reference on eft payments or the invoice number if your bank reference field is too short.

2.6 A R20 cash deposit fee must be added for cash payments or direct bank deposits at ATM’s to cover service charges.

2.7 Proof of payments must be e-mailed to

2.8 Advanced Technologies Institute trading as CodeABot, reserves the right to postpone or cancel skills programmes due to lack of demand.  In event of cancellation, as opposed to postponement, all fees will be refunded.  The class requires a minimum of 6 learners to run.

2.9 Holiday clubs, workshops and competition fees are over and above monthly fees.

2.10 Equipment fees for certain programs are over and above monthly fees but this will be clearly stated in the enrolment form prior to enrolment.

2.11 The Passport to the Future and badges are for the learners own account. Passports (R25 each) are compulsory and badges are optional.

2.12 Once a payment option has been selected it must be adhered to for the duration of the course.

2.13 All unpaid fees will be handed over to a collection agency and the costs will be carried by the parent(s), guardian(s), or sponsor(s) that signed the enrolment contract.

2.14 A term course costs R1260.  A payment plan is available.  Each term can be divided into three payments of R420 each.  There is a R100 discount available for once off full term payments of R1160 for the term. 


3. Legal Declaration of Indemnity


All staff, facilitators and representatives of Advanced Technologies Institute will act responsibly to keep learners and their property safe.  Learners are expected listen to instructions to assist us in doing so.  

The learner hereby indemnifies Advanced Technologies Institute against any claim made against Advanced Technologies Institute in respect of any damage arising out of the fault of the applicant.


4. Additional terms of enrolment


4.1 The learner’s failure to attend classes for whatever reason shall in no way entitle him / her to a re-imbursement in fees or a catch up class.  An 80% attendance is required to move from one term program to the next.  We are unable to catch learners up by swopping out classes.  We may from time to time assist with private classes at our discretion to assist special cases such as family deaths etc.  These are charged at R250 an hour.

4.2 Advanced Technologies Institute shall have the right to vary the program syllabus should the facilitator feel it will enhance learner’s experience. 

4.3 Learners shall be held financially liable for destruction of equipment if it is as a result of not listening to a facilitator or disrespect for Advance Technologies Institute property.

4.4 We offer ONLINE classes currently and plan on doing a flipped classroom in the future.

4.5. The Micro:Bits course costs an extra R1000 as we purchase a Micro:Bit that your child gets to keep after the course is complete.