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Introduction to Robotics

What is this
course about

Just a brief introduction to some of our robotics and electronic systems.  We look at the basics of each of their specific coding environments, how to handle them with respect and care and how they demonstrate some coding principles.

Skill Level
8 & up
Weekly Study
1 Hour
2 Terms

What will I do in
Introduction term 1?


    • Introducing you to key concepts needed to understand robotics. Learn part names, part measurements and play with rotational movement in motors.


Simple Machines

    • Introducing the basic concepts of gears and how they are used.
    • Discuss pulley systems, introducing how pulleys can be used to lift weight and make heavy objects feel light.



    • You will cover the basics of tablet usage and safety, learn to connect to a smart hubs and explore the basics of the WeDo programming language.
    • You will build your first programmable robot in this lesson. Covering coding essentials.
    • Build a robot that moves using a pulley system and testing how the pulley system on the robot can be improved.



    • Coding a robot through the use of its colour sensor.



    • Get hands on experience with electrical circuits. Creating and testing your own circuits.

What will I do in
Introduction term 2?


    • Code the robot to perform certain actions using colour codes.
    • Program a bot to act out the part of your main character in a story of your own making.



    • Learn what random decisions are and to display images and play sounds in this lesson.
    • Build a robot and cooperate with another group to play a game of robot soccer.


Simple Machines

    • Create a device that uses both gears and pulleys to operate.
    • Discover how levers operate and create a scale.
    • Apply your knowledge on levers to create a catapult.



    • Build a drawbridge that operates using a pulley system.
    • Inputs in electrical circuits.



    • Cover the different modes used on the thymio and play a collaborative game.


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