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What is this
course about

To do these courses you have to complete 5 Beginner courses. These courses are more coding focussed and will build on all the previous courses the kids have done.


MBot is an advanced robot that uses a coxding application called MBlock. The robot will be used to demonstrate the implementation and use of sensors and functions in coding. The biggest aim is making and understanding functions and how they work.


In this course the kids will learn how to code the popular language Python in our brand new computer lab. They will start by using the IDLE shell then progress further to PyCharm.


Mastery of this skill will require multiple terms of focus.

EV3 - Python

This will allow the kids to use the EV3 skills they learned in Beginner. Instead of using the application (as they do in Beginner), they will be coding in Python.


EZ-Robot is our most advanced robot and therefore we require the students who take this course to have completed the Python course.