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Things you will discovery

A sense of

Until you know who you are, you will not know what you can become.  You have a specific set of skills and talents.  Come discover what motivates you.  Come experience what makes you come alive.   Dream. Design. Develop. Distribute.

You can
actually build it.

From simple machines to complex systems.  Come hammer, solder, drill and cut.  It is not that you can’t – it is just that you have never been taught.  We all start slowly and we all learn together.

Coding on
multiple platforms

There are many coding languages and knowing which one to focus on can be overwhelming.  Come learn general principles from various coding languages in our Introduction and Beginner courses.  Then find the one you prefer and dig deeper in the one that excites you in our Intermediate and Advanced courses.

"...because even though the system hesitates to say "we can," the world says "we should." ~Natasha Saunders


They happen.  Everything seems perfect until you run your code or upload it to that brilliant design you built.  And then nothing you planned works.  Here we work on through our bugaboos because we are confident that you will reach success.

Easy to start robotics &
electronic sets

You get to play on some of the newest robot systems.  Some are plug and play.  Some you will build from scratch.  And some are just so much fun we could not resist buying them for you.  See coding principles come alive with robots that best demonstrate your code in action.


The world of coding is vast.  Whether you want to build the first robot personal body guard or code the world’s next next-gen blockbuster – you need a squad of people.  Discover why two are better than one and how to get through squad squabbles without derailing the project at hand.