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How did it start?

In Dec 2014, a trust was established by Natasha Saunders with the aim of opening up a mechatronic high school in Port Elizabeth.  The New High Trust was registered as a Public Benefit Organization.  


A strategy is in place to raise funding, for the school, through both local and foreign investors.  In the meantime, a CC was registered to run a profit motive robotics centre so that the PBO would be sustainable, even without outside funding.  The CC is registered as the Advanced Technologies Institute and launched their new trading name, CodeABot, in Sept 2018. 


To date the New High trust has focused on bringing robotics and coding to children from various children’s homes and youth centres in the city.  These include MTR Smit, EP Children’s Home, ACVV and Khayalethu.


The CodeABot  learning centre caters for home-schoolers in the morning and offers robotics and coding extra mural classes in the afternoon for school going kids.

"We more often regret those things which we do not do than those which we do."

Meet our team


Natasha got hooked on the potential of robotics and coding when she took her own three girls through a competition as a homeschooling teacher.


A gamer who has started adulting.  Was the first person to join the squad and is responsible for managing the team.


A homeschooling mom who has taught Simple Machines, now joins us as part of our finance team.


Our newest team member who has a magical way to get kids to focus on him.


We are between 1st and 2nd Ave Newton Park at 282 Cape Road, Newton Park.  Our centre is housed on the first floor of the De Witt Optometrist’s building.

New High Trust

The New High Trust (no.IT020304/2014) was set up as the legal entity for the development of the New High School.  The New High School will have a mechatronic focus with a balance between robotics, mechanics and electronics.  The trust was also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (no. 930053808) to assist young people, who would not usually have the opportunity to benefit from a centre like the CodeABot Centre,  to access classes.