Ozobot (9-12 years)
9-12 years, Face to Face Classes

Ozobot (9-12 years)

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About the Course

This course covers topics that form the fundamentals of programming. Learners start off by learning the language of Ozoblockly. This is a Visual Programming Language that has 5 levels of complexity.

The concept of keeping code simple is practiced by completing actions with a virtual Ozobot, in as few lines of code as possible.

The logic section of Ozoblockly will give you all the basics of using an “IF THEN” statement. It’s TRUE that coding can be difficult but it’s completely FALSE that only certain people can code. Ozobot makes quick work of Boolean Logic with it’s TRUE/FALSE statements.

With this pebble sized robot learners will use decomposition to analyse coding in games and see how advanced loops can increase game complexity.